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The warrior spirit...

Thanks for the compliment. Your post was the inspiration. I've actually been here longer than from when I signed up. I hadn't planned to sign up at all, but then prior to New York's primary, my county's Republican chairman (also first vice chair in the state) sent a robo-call that everyone else had dropped out of the race, so to be sure to vote for Romney. What?! I had to add that to the litany of other lies and dirty tricks I'd seen posted concerning other areas. (I mistakenly posted it as a comment in the mod suggestion box; someone found it and turned it into a real post - at about the same time some others posted the same info. Had they posted it first, I might still be among visitors.) I guess you could call me something of a latter-day Luddite. Of course, once I was here I was hooked.

Decades ago, I visited behind the Iron Curtain. That's what, overnight, turned me into a libertarian, not that I yet knew of a word to describe how I felt. That would take a "chance" meeting (I no longer believe in coincidence!) with someone who invited me to work on the campaign of the libertarian conservative running for Congress against Bella Abzug - standing at bus stops handing out leaflets and bumper stickers. It was those guys who turned me onto Ayn Rand. While I'm not an objectivist, her writings left an impression. For various reasons, politics played little part in my life for a long time. And while I'm registered as a Republican, depending on the issue it's seemed I might find myself aligned with either the left or right. As to what mattered most - a free-market economy and our LIBERTIES - sadly, like so many others, for years I bought into the myth that the Republican Party stood for things they really have not. November won't be the first time I won't be voting Republican for president.

Again, thanks for your kind words. I've enjoyed reading what you've written as well. It's funny. When I look to see who's on line, I'm forever seeing names that are new to me. gmason08 is among those I've seen often. I guess for some reason certain people are drawn to many of the same topics. Great minds think alike? :)

Oh, lastly, I'm glad you're planning to check out Thunderheart. I'm actually not the only fan here at the DP. When I listed it at that post a while back asking for movie recommendations, Nonna commented that she watches Thunderheart and Incident at least once a year. FYI, here's a trailer.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir