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Somewhere in a very distant

Somewhere in a very distant past, before a religion became the "word" and the behaviors, and the proscriptions and the judgements, there was a glimmer of seeing that the simplicity of just "being" without thought was God/Source connection. And it was enough. But somewhere along the way, the attraction of the world slipped in and ego dominated and determined the religion. If you believe you are separate from God you must have an enemy. The "other", unlike you, and worthy of attack and vilification.
Until we see there is no "other" we will continue to find enemies and a scapegoat onto which we can put all of our "guilt and sin." There is not "you" and the "other". There is only one. To hurt another, is to hurt yourself. Whether in another religion, another group (think political party) or in your family. Everyone, like it or not, is your brother. Find differences and you will have an enemy. Believe that light is within everyone and you recognize it in all. Just saying.