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Some pictures are worth a thousand words, but I'm not a photographer so I write (I am not a writer either). After months of blue skies, or regular clouds when there are clouds, I noticed the beginning of those crossing paters of vapor trails, as if someone is playing tic tac toe, where these beginning vapor trails are more easily seen in contrast to the uniform blueness of the entire sky.

The trails are odd at this time because each trail is partial, not reaching from horizon to horizon, where one pattern is an x, and another pattern is an equal sign: two parallel marks. At the beginning these trails are finite and narrow, but as time goes by they spread out very wide, one connecting with another, and the sky can become covered in a silvery white sheen, as it was in Las Vagas when we visited our niece.

My days when Hang Gliding including much in the way of looking at the sky, and I do not remember this type of cloud formation. It has been decades since my last flight, and in that time I became very busy with work and reproducing the species, so I was not looking much at the sky, then.

Now I look.

I can get on those answers to those questions after the BREAK.