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If all other things are equal

and you are set on voting for one of the two major candidates and think that a 3rd party candidate is unlikely.

(Equal meaning you view them how I do: basically the same)

Consider this:

If Obama is elected, we KNOW he will be replaced in 4 years.

If Romney is elected, he may be President for up to 8 years before we get a chance to unseat him.

It's always harder to run against an incumbent. And the liberty movement is more focused in the GOP right now. This means that to replace Romney 4 years from now, we'd have to build inroads into the Democratic party.

On the other hand, an Obama victory would be substantially the same (policy-wise) for the next 4 years, but would give us the chance to solidify our hold in the GOP (stay active guys!) and move a liberty-minded candidate into office in 4 years.