Comment: Here's a rant about public education in general....

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Here's a rant about public education in general....

There are two kinds of socialists: revolutionary and gradualist. The former want to create a socialist society immediately, which requires violent revolution: National Socialists, Bolsheviks, Maoists, Khmer Rouge, etc. The latter want to use the existing State to gradually push society toward socialism. In the United States and the West in general, the socialists who are our rulers are gradualists. Public education is essential for their strategy to succeed, it may be the single most important tool at the disposal of gradualist socialists.

The vast majority of people who ever lived prior to the 20th century were educated by their parents. This kind of education is essentially static. There isn't much innovation, and so there's significant stability of beliefs and opinions down through the ages. With the advent of public education, the link between parent and child was broken, and the State took over the education of children. Since then it has been possible for the State to gradually alter the common beliefs and opinions prevailing in society. They don't need to change everyone's views immediately through propaganda. They can bring each generation a little closer to the ideal Socialist Man they want to breed. The movements toward socialism are planned in advance by all the think tanks we're familiar with. The curriculum of the public schools corresponds with planned changed in society, such that the world-view which the current class of 5th graders are going to be given over the course of their many years in public schools will match the world which the social engineers will have brought into being by the time those 5th graders reach adulthood. That's the idea anyway, and it seems to me that it's pretty successful.

An interesting thing is the decline in outright "hard" propaganda and authoritarianism. The socialist regimes, including the more moderate socialist regimes in the West, during the early 20th century used fairly crude and obvious propaganda, and openly brutal methods to get compliance form the population. This is no longer the norm, which has led led commentators to believe that we are living in an area of decreased influence of the State on public opinion. Nothing could be further from the truth. Socialists in the early 20th century were employing the methods that are required to get compliance from adults who have been raised and educated by their parents. In the later 20th century and certainly in this century, States are no longer faced with such independent-minded people. Essentially everyone living today is a product of public education. Much less forceful propaganda and much more infrequent resort to actual violence is required to get compliance from these people, whose basic worldview was designed by the State specifically to render them docile and obedient to the State, and to get them ready for what the State had planned for them.

That the State's power is enormously augmented when they can shape the minds of children before those children become the adults which the State rules is such an obviously true statement, but it seems to go by unnoticed. I think some of this can be explained by a severe shortage of historical knowledge; i.e. people would perhaps notice how massive the impact of public education is on the society in which they live if they realized that public education is a totally new phenomenon in human history, and that before the advent of public education, it was an essential component in the plans of every totalitarian movement of every denomination going back to the very first utopian socialist: Plato. far as this article, it doesn't surprise me in the least. The State brought the language of "community service" into existence decades ago, and it has become part of our culture. The fact that people know what community service is, and use that phrase, and find it unremarkable, shows you the power which the State already has over the minds of the people. The few who do object are placated by articles like this, which present the illusion of an ongoing debate: as if it's up in the air whether community service initiatives likes this will continue, when in fact it's already a done deal. It was a done deal when the people who are currently in a position as adults to object to such measures were enrolled as students in the public school system.

In a sense, we live in the past - if you follow my meaning.

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