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Stand in


I stand in place of the official Presidential Candidates, as if someday there would be a demand for my type of government employee.

Joe Kelley for President, this is my second cycle in the race.

In 1996 I was on the Ballot for U.S. Congress too.

I think everyone would do well by answering their own vital questions with the most competitively accurate answers they can dig up.

Consider, in that context, my answers to your questions:

Do you think you could have been the nominee of your party without the help of rampant electoral fraud?

In the case of my actually being on the ballot, the Party was The Libertarian Party, and there was no fraud. None of the Parties I contacted has had any interest in my Presidential Campaign. I don't think I sell what they are buying. Frauds, on the other hand, are recruiting frauds, if I understand how Legal Crime works.

Can you win the election without rigged Diebold machines?

No. The only possible result of an accurate election will be a case where the voters are supplied with what they demand based upon the accurate accounting of the votes according to the official method of determining the winner of the Election. People can vote with their feet, if needed. They can vote with their feet from one State to another in a Democratic Federated Republic, and they don't have to Love it or Leave it, when it is an actual Federation, not a Monopoly Legal Crime Fraud Extortion Racket Nation State, as we demonstrably have working at this time.

I do not think that the majority of voters, not even counting the majority of people who don't vote, will vote for frauds who can then be trusted to commit fraud while in office.

Why news of the rigged voting machines have not completely destroyed any credibility in National Government, in my opinion, is a measure of exactly how brain washed, through Monopoly Media Control, voters are in this Limited Liability Corporation called U.S.A. Inc.

Those of us who are still somewhat free from the behavioral modification, response conditioning, brain washing, projection (transference), false advertizing, false fronts, fraud, and vehement belief in falsehood, as you are measurably among our number, constitute, as pathetic as it may seem, the last hope for Liberty, and probably the last home for mankind on Earth - my opinion.

Thanks for your time.