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Some questions I'd ask

1. Does the minimum wage cause unemployment? If so, do you favor the minimum wage even though it benefits some workers at the price of unemployment for other workers?

2. Since the 1930's, the federal government has bought crops from farmers at above-market prices and then physically destroyed those crops, in an effort to raise food prices. Do you favor these policies which raise the cost of living for every American for the benefit of a few farmers?

3. In the last 100 years, Americans have paid about 5x the world price for sugar, because of extremely high tariffs on imported sugar. Do you favor these tariffs, which benefit a few Southern sugar growers at the expense of higher costs of living for all Americans?

4. The member banks of the Federal Reserve System borrow from the Federal Reserve at .25% interest, and then loan this money to the federal government at substantially higher rates of interest. Why should those select banks enjoy this special privilege, for which all American suffer in the form of higher inflation?

5. Is there any aspect of daily life in which the federal government does not have the power to intervene on the basis of the commerce clause or general welfare clause of the Constitution? If so, name one.

6. Does the promise of the Federal Reserve to make emergency loans to failing banks create a moral hazard which encourages banks to take on more risk, because they know the Fed will save them if things turn out badly? If so, then doesn't the Feds role as lender of last resort help cause banking crises?

....there are as many questions to ask as there are failures of government, and that list is very very very long.

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