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Comment: I see you are perceptive as I.

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I see you are perceptive as I.

I correctly predicted

o The "Contract With America" Congress in 1992
o The Democrat takeover of the House and Senate in 2006
o The Obama landslide of 2008
o The "Tea Party" landslide of 2010

I have a better record of correctly predicting political trends than anyone except Ron Facheux and he has tons of resources. This is not rocket science, but only people such as you and I seem to bother to add up the political factors.

Romney has alienated the mainstream media, the "Rush Limbaugh" media, the Ron Paul supporters, the Tea Party and the "Christian Right". Obama has a solid hold on the "entitlement base," the unions and the minorities. Who does Romney have left, except maybe the Mormons and even they do not like a pathological liar?