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Don't feed the OP?

I take my Liberties in answering the questions so keep that in mind.

My own questions and answers:

1. Will you continue to allow The Federal Reserve Frauds to perpetrate The Federal Reserve Fraud?

No. Fraud is a crime. If any fraud are currently doing time for fraud, then either they are set free or the worst of them, such as Ben Bernanke will be processed with the same due process due every other fraud, so make room for the Top 10 frauds, or set all the other frauds free, make up your mind, Juries, please, why spend millions jailing many small time frauds, when you can save trillions by jailing the worst 10 of the frauds?

2. Will you continue to allow The Internal Revenue Service Extortionists to perpetrate Extortion?

No. I can hire someone to set up a program to spit out as many Presidential Pardons as are needed to set everyone free from The IRS Racketeers and if The Tax Payers absolutely must give government more of their earnings then they can look to the States for those investments.

Meanwhile it is imperative, in my mind, for each person in each State to consider holding onto your earnings with greater care, and if you are accused and tried for Tax Evasion, then please consider the mutual support of letting each other free from such nonsense in Trials by Liberated Jurors. Please.

Don't let your States go to any greater or lesser Evil than the current Evil National Government Despotism has gone, on our watch.


3. Will you continue to order National Troops on Aggressive Wars for Profit and therefore will you perpetrate the same crimes the Nazi’s were found guilty of perpetrating and were sentence to death for committing since Aggressive Wars for Profit were deemed the worst crimes against humanity up to that point?

No. The Military Defense of Liberty can be realized if The Military is allowed to function as The Military with their well written Universal Military Code of Justice and if the rewards for fraud are removed, and if there is a return to something resembling meritocracy. Americans can earn their earnings, they don't need to steal earnings from other people in other countries.

4. Will you continue to order National Secret Police to carryout torture upon people who are presumed to be innocent until proven guilty through due process of law, such as Trial by Jury?

This practice has a name, a false front, like the lie of calling torture with the English words "enhanced interrogation techniques", and the name for a President ordering National Secret Police to carryout torture is Extraordinary Rendition, look it up, it is Modern Day versions of The Inquisition, terrifying, horrible, and practiced upon victims who are presumed to be innocent, according to moral law, and therefore they are innocent when tortured before, or in place of, a Trial of some kind, by due process of law, due anyone, or by accurate applications of the Universal Code of Military Justice, were there to be some expediency involved whereby due process was not possible, which is unimaginable to me, unless the concept of law is completely removed from the area concerned, such as an ongoing battlefield. Cases of Extraordinary Rendition, the well publicized ones, not on Major Media Networks, do not involve ongoing battlefields, and therefore the presumed to be innocent accused individuals can be processed according to due process that is due everyone, without exception.

What are the official reasons for these exceptions called Extraordinary Rendition?

A link to information is demanded?

Can Modern Alternative Media supply the demand for officially censored information?

How about a Google Search for the terms Extraordinary Rendition?

I picked a search term addition as follows:

extraordinary rendition statistics

That link may offer something useable if the idea is to understand what is happening in that sphere of influence, that ObamaNation that is Legal Torture.

"Homeland security policies and initiatives established in the direct aftermath of 9/11 expedited procedures that have compromised American core values and the very foundation of the nation. One such policy is the practice of extraordinary rendition, which allows the U.S. government the ability to essentially abduct suspect individuals in other nations and transport them to third-party nations—usually those in which torture is a standard form of interrogation. The basis of this process deals with the principle that the U.S. does not practice torture; however, it is the policy of the U.S. to turn a blind eye and essentially "outsource" physical and psychological torture. "Extraordinary rendition is a hybrid human rights violation, combining elements of arbitrary arrest, enforced disappearance, forcible transfer, torture, denial of access to consular officials, and denial of impartial tribunals" (Weissbrodt & Bergquist, 2006, p.2). Extraordinary rendition has been a hotly debated issue for years and has transformed markedly from the rendition policy of each U.S. president since George H.W. Bush."

Inquisitor in Chief?

I have read that the best way to get accurate information out of someone is by carrot not stick. The stick tends to cause the subject of interrogation to couch the messages in ways that the suffering victim thinks will be the answers desired by the torturer, and this is a well publicized fact, the "information" is made false by torture, and that is why "information" extracted by torture was, at one time in humane history, considered inadmissible, tainted, FALSE.

Modern Propaganda aside, the facts speak for themselves.

It is a self-evident fact, a torturer is in it for the fun, profits, and other interests, not for accurate information.

"5. Will you continue to order Monopolization of the Opiate Drug Trade by National Secret Police?"

If I had my way all Drugs purchased by someone who is fully aware, capable, productive, and of sound mind and body, before making the purchase, IN LIBERTY, would be guilty of no crime; however, much of the current Drug Traffic is subsidized through IRS payments, using Federal Reserve Notes, and those units of Purchasing Power are being sent to places like Afghanistan, where most of the words opium is grown, so as to subsidize that crop, and make those suppliers the only suppliers, and then that crop can be shipped to High Schools in America, through Secret Police Channels, where innocent victims are fraudulently convinced of the need to take those Drugs, and this is in stark contrast to other competitive supplies of things that are demanded by people of sound mind and body (before taking the drugs).

If anyone thinks that there is a Drug Problem, then get on a Jury, and try someone who did something wrong while on Drugs, and forget about the Drugs, and concentrate on what the criminal did wrong, such as may be the case in any case whatsoever.

If anyone thinks that paying more Federal Reserve Notes to the IRS will do anything but accelerate the very profitable Monopoly Drug Trade, including the very profitable American Gulag Business we call The Prison "System", is quite frankly on the Drug known as Television, certainly not of sound mind and body, certainly not qualified to be on a Jury, or Vote, or do anything other than vegetate in that drugged State, so please, if you see someone brainwashed on television, ask them to please move away from the Diabold Voting Machine before they hurt someone.

"6. Will you continue to order the financing of enemies foreign and domestic?"

When the States return to paying for, or not paying for, a Federal Government without IRS Direct Taxation of The People, my insistence on only employing Federal Finances in the work of Defending Liberty may become troublesome to some people in some States, as they may wish to finance enemies foreign and domestic. Ben Bernanke types may then flock to those States, and they may ask me to help them finance enemies both foreign and domestic as they may become Agents of those States, and when I say no, or when I work to get them through due process for such treasonous acts, then they may work then to stop paying into The Federal Government, and that could be the beginnings of Civil War, but what would a Despotic New York State do, where would they attack, if they were to conduct an Aggressive War for Profit aiming at The Federal Government?

New York Militia would invade Washington D.C., or Fort Knox? Ben Bernanke types probably already know that the Gold in Fort Knox is made of lead, or something worth less, so be serious when considering how these things will play out.

7. Will you continue to commit fraud upon the American people?

No. I think here is where the most POWER can be gained as The American People can begin to actually trust in the words spoken by a member of the Government, which will be very unusual at first.

8. Will you continue to allow Monopolization of the Agricultural Industry including the continued airborne aluminum and barium spraying causing crop failures and global warming?

States may begin such things after no more Federal Tax Money is spent on such nonsense, and if that happens then The Troops will have something to do, as that would constitute an Aggressive War for Profit if one State allowed those poisons to travel into another State. Would that not be an act of war? Would that not be another beginning of a Civil War if one State in The Federation were to order the poisoning of citizens in a nearby State; where that order was followed by State employees or contractors and the willful poisoning of innocent people was perpetrated in that manner?

Could I as President ask nicely, please, New York, or whichever State became the first criminal State, please stop doing that, and the response was not positive, not agreeable, not mutually beneficial, and not productive?

New York says NO, we will continue the willful poisoning of innocent people in New York and in New Jersey, because we profit so much from such crimes made legal in New York, so go take a flying leap at the moon, Mr. President, you and your Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, CIA, FBI, all tuned up and ready to go after actual enemies of Liberty?


9. Will you continue to criminally abuse the power you are hired to control in the work of destroying power worldwide so as to cause World War III and then move the World Reserve Currency Power to Asia after you cause America to lose that next World War?

There will be no more World Reserve Currency Power, which is a False Front, a Fraud, it is Legal Crime made crime world wide, and when Competitive Money is produced and used by people who want it, they won't want to use Fraud Money unless they are still forced to do so, in States where such Legal Crime still exists, so NO, a resounding NO, that won't happen on my watch, it will be impossible for a Legal Money Monopoly Power to exist World Wide when a Federation the size of America is opting out, and offering the world many competitive choices of actual money.

There is then no reason for World War. There may then be remnants of the Money Monopoly Powers, perhaps in Asia, perhaps in Europe, but mere remnants, very powerful people, but their power supply will be evaporating, so they would have to strike America immediately, and here again is where tuning up our Military is vital, so as to make any contemplation by anyone, anywhere, planning on invading America, and subjugating American citizens into a Fraud Money scam, will be nothing short of insanity. If the insane go ahead, at that moment, when they are still full of Fraud Money Power, because their power of accurate discernment is nil, then we have to fight, and our Troops will be The Best and the Brightest the World has ever known, as we will Kill those insane people before they can kill us, if they give us no other option, but since they are insane, they can probably be led into traps where they fall off of a cliff, and again, a well running Military, based upon Meritocracy, can continually raise the bar on how Defense of Liberty can be done, and therefore insane enemies of Liberty can be easily avoided.

Where are the best and brightest in our Military, the most capable, able, honest, honorable, brave, and willing to Defend their and our Liberty?

Who is looking?

Look in the mirror first, because the road we are on, if we stay on this road, will result in you being the last hope for defending Liberty.

"10. Will you continue to pardon all the past Criminal Presidents, and their masters, and their minions, who are as guilty as any Nazi ever was guilty of Crimes against Humanity?"

I won't be Cesar with a thumb up or down in any case. No pardons for Presidents. Pardons for IRS Tax Evaders is a very distorted use of English. A victim of extortion, which is someone currently paying anything to provide the means by which we suffer, paying Federal Reserve Notes to people running The IRS is plainly, and simply, in ENGLISH: EXTORTION. Pardons by Executive Order of victims of Extortion is the road back to Liberty where The Friends of Liberty take back the power they earn, including the power of accurate communication using words that convey accurate meaning, but the process may require some inventive ways of reaching that goal, and then maintaining that State of Liberty we will find ourselves in, as we return to our personal pursuits of happiness while we avoid resort to deceit, threats of violence, and acts of violence upon the innocent among us.

Just because we have be so well victimized for so long does not make us guilty of every evil thing done by the people that we provide the means by which we suffer, with the Federal Reserve Notes we struggle to earn, as we send those notes of moral support and material support to the criminals in the IRS who run that extortion racket, as that power then collects into one very large fund, and then that POWER PURCHASES our suffering, forcing us by deceit, forcing us by threat of violence, and forcing us through examples of horrible, and torturous violence, to pay more for more of our suffering.

Just because we have been born into this insanity does not mean that we have to stay this course without question.

Bonus round:
Will you resign and turn yourself in for due process of law through Trial by Jury, randomly selected (sortition), if any of the above questions are answered falsely by you, were impeachment proceedings followed through according to The Constitution, IF it does prove true that you are a fraud after all?

If I am somehow able to gain the Power of President of the American Federation, and survive, and I am then corrupted, please, please, try the case, and give me what I deserve as a convicted Friend of Legal Crime, but please don't bother my family, they are innocent of participation in this endeavor.

Don't blame the Libertarian Party. I am now a registered Republican, so as to vote for Ron Paul in the primary, a deal I made with Bear, but don't blame anyone but me, please, if I commit any crime whatsoever against any innocent victim. I will account for my own errors of judgement - please.