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Stock piles and all that are

Stock piles and all that are great but, learn how to create and do things from scratch. Learning the skills you need to provide for yourself will be far more valuable than a 6 month stock pile.

Learn to garden, cook basics, can, marksmanship, heat, lighting, figure out how to supply yourself with water (well, rain barrels, whatever works for you).

A great way to go about this is to build a library of survival, basic cook books, first aid, medical, and how to books. Print hard copy instructions from the internet. When and if the internet goes down you will have them.

Something people overlook that is very important is antibiotics. These can be purchased cheap at farm supply stores (same stuff we humans use) Learn now how to dose it (print). These are important because if and when people are not eating proper, stressed, and out in the street sickness will be widespread. Plus you will be able to trade a few doses for food and supply.

If you want a really good idea of what it will take... One Friday night turn off the water and trip the main breaker. (leave the fridge and freezer on) just don't use them. Don't turn it back on until Monday morning.

Oh one other thing.. Make sure you keep your dental work up to date... Nothing like a tooth ache when you can't get it taken care of... Really that was a huge problem in the Argentina crash. I picked up a how to dentistry book and a few tools. The more you can and are ready to handle yourself the better off you will always be... crash or no crash...