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Worlds appart

"I should have asked her what she learned. I am not a good on the spot verbal communicator. Hopefully I will learn that art."

Anyone, including us two, are worlds apart from those who do not listen, those who dictate, those who monopolize the data stream, and make connections ONE WAY, from them to everyone else, and in this single thing, this capacity to listen, this desire for other angles of view, because our own angle of view is not sufficient, we are in our world, by that measure, and it is a world apart.

So, then, is it better or worse, and if the only source of information, is our own narrow view, what choice do we have but to conclude that we are RIGHT, always, and everyone else is WRONG, always, and if you study some, on this concept of clinical narcissism, then we can compare notes, and pick out the better information, and leave behind the less powerful and the superfluous.

I think that there is ample evidence supporting the notion that there are some people among us who we had better avoid, and these people are the people who just so happen to be on the other end of the DEBT CLOCK, if someone were to get busy in following the Legal Fraud Money to the source of it.

Proverbs 1 says the Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

Proverbs 8 says the fear of the Lord is to hate evil.

In that may be instruction that bridges the gap I still see between Politics, Economy, and Spirituality.

Or not.

Blood, red, is a coincidental message at this time?

My wife visited her brother who is undergoing spinal surgery at Loma Linda University Hospital, one of the best in Southern California, and see just told me about a conversation she had with our niece, the one in Las Vagas, while an emergency patient passed by on a gurney, blood all over the place, and my wife lost all focus on the conversation, and my niece the nurse responds, according to my wife, how she, my niece, forgets about those reactions normal people have when seeing blood, which is something that a trauma, or emergency room nurse, has built up acclimation, growing used to, or comfortable concerning, lots of red stuff.

I have tried to convey to you my understanding of the Lake of Fire, where pain becomes a constantly raised bar of extreme experience, in words that may not now sound familiar.

We mere humans are so limited, it seems to me, that our pretenses of authority over each other are examples of pathology, abnormality, even mutation like cancer.

Is that, relatively speaking, a lake of fire compared to someone who can, for a time, experience empathy?