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I have been thinking the exact same thing, DJP

I have been looking at every social structure in our society, informal ponderance of course, and, in the case of most all of them, am percieving their roots are founded in a "closed system" construct. Somewhere in their history they suffered a collapse resultantly, and are presently diminished, a shell; ineffectual.

--OR-- they are headed for a collapse.

--OR-- they were at one time open, ultra-responsive and viable but have since devolved into a closed system and are... headed for collapse.

The latter represents our constitutional republic.

However, we can effect an open system by renewing the original conditions established in our founding documents.

This effort, more and more of us will begin to percieve, points to reaching out to the members of this organization who are by right the actors, the producers of positive actions, the holders of positive liberty... our fellow citizens in our neighborhood, our precinct, our district, our county.

These folks are the source of power, a power that the mischief-makers in our system are coveting for personal gain and extracting by means of effecting a closed system of governance, they defeating checks and balances--and every obstacle that dare lay in their dubious path.

As pro-liberty folks, we are fighting to counter that effort of closure and to break through and restore openess and necessary structural complexity, integrity.

The answer, the element of complexity that is saving, equals the many that are to come: the numerous independent individuals who are sure to arrive, to respond positively, and come together into a healthy coalescence (an all-American sort of inter-dependence) and liberating self-awareness.

This is a call to each of us! Work your area. We cannot be a 'no show' and expect good results.

In this, we have every advantage: the numbers, the genius, all the magic and miracles that really can emerge from NOWHERE and just at the right time: all of it gushing up from the eternal springs of.. chaos.

That is, if we put our foot forward into the darkness, and give those "quantum forces" something to act on. Do it!

With such an awesome universe at our disposal, itself a living testament to the beneficent Designer, we have every force working with us... that is, if we should dare to wish to change our world to something more reflective of Him, brilliant and breath-takingly beautiful.

If you appreciate my view of what good government is, and how it points to garnering the support of persons in our local and building up the strength of liberty at home first, then please support my candidacy for state representative.

Thank you.

Will Benge
Candidate for State House
District 33, Washington State