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Republicans and Democrats are both owned by the bankers

They own both candidates and it is they who make the decisions as to who wins depending on whether they think the Republicans or Democrats are better suited to advance their agenda at any given time. So what you are saying is you may use the left hand sock puppet to "punish" the right hand sock puppet.

What may have happened (according to Joel Skousen of World affairs brief is that orders came down (from the bankers) to the "10 fat men" in the Republican Party to shaft as much as possible the Ron Paul people. This may be indicative of a decision by the bankers that they have chosen Obama for term #2 by splitting off the libertarian vote away from Romney into other channels.

It could also mean the bankers have yet to make up their mind as they thought Romney may get too strong too soon and they shafted the Paul people to keep Romney in closer balance so they can evaluate Romney a little bit longer before doing their behind the scenes "hocus-pocus" to push it one way or the other.

The best way to vote is by principle only while looking at the entire field of candidates on the ballot (plus any that can be written in and actually counted by your state). I would hope that would rule out either of the sock puppets.

Here's something to ponder: