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Lake of Fire

"I do remember you speaking to me early on about the concept of the lake of fire. It is in my distant memory not such that I can respeak it well but what I remember was the concept of it being experience relative to sin committed?"

The actual words Lake of Fire are words I heard spoken by your dear husband Jeff in one of his youtube offerings or sermons. As far as I can recall that is the first time I connected the words Lake of Fire with my understanding of nothingness or what could be worse than Hell.

Your husband spoke of things that made sense to me, in my current capacity to understand this stuff we call life.

So, at a loss, in bridging the nearly insurmountable gap between our beings, being human, my pathetic attempts to convey the meanings I intend to convey, fall quite short, a lesson I appear not be be able to learn quickly enough.

I can type now that my intention was to connect a possible understanding of what Jeff calls the Lake of Fire, in his offerings of The Word of God, to, connect that possible meaning to my own understanding of what I think may be worse than any Hell, and worse than any pain, worse than any mere human being such as myself could imagine.

A human being can imagine intense heat, which Jeff said was Fire without Light, if I remember his offerings of The Word of God.

Those words, if I do remember them well, struck a cord in my being, as if I can understand the meaning intended, since it has been my idea that nothingness, no light, nothing, ever, other than awareness of nothing, timeless nothingness, may be the worst possible thing imaginable, knowing that there will be nothing for eternity is, again, in other words, hellish beyond physical pain, or emotional pain, in my current way of thinking.

I can be very wrong about these intended meanings, sure, I get that, but I thought it may be worth the effort to attempt to inform you of these current thoughts that appear to me as a connecting of the dots, so to speak.

In other words, if we think that there are bad things to endure while we embody human life, we ain't seen nothing yet, if we fail to know better about specific things that are more real than physical or emotional pain.