Comment: Nice poster. Provokes thought, which I'm always in favor of

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Nice poster. Provokes thought, which I'm always in favor of

Many people in our society have an "Atlas Complex." They think they're the only ones holding up the world, and if they were to shrug, it would collapse. They feel such a sense of self importance, that they would never dare shrug. (But rarely is the Atlas complex justified)

Other "Atlas Complex" sufferers are simply misguided. They feel terribly burdened by having to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders - day in, day out - without any appreciation for them or their efforts. "Its a tough job, but someone's got to do it." This type would also never dare shrug, not out of a sense of self importance, but out of a sense of guilt and fear.

Anyway, this is probably not your point, but this is what it made me think of.

As to your point, yes, I get it too, and it is funny. Rand is all about "objectivism." But she never understood that all "objectivism" is subjective. And there it is right in the title. Brilliant observation!

Unfortunately, this is way above the thought plane of the people who voted you down. They are likely doing that as an emotional reaction - they liked the book, they believe in it, so they can't stand any criticism of it.

I liked the book, too but I'm not emotionally attached to it. To any of it.

I am going to practice more shrugging in the immediate future, however.

Thank you.

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