Comment: Hi! Hope this Helps!

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Hi! Hope this Helps!

First let me say that I got myself critically sick and almost died. So the advice I am going to give you comes from a lifetime of research.

I don't know if this is POST CHEMO or not. I assume it is post chemo.

Post chemo the immune system is toast. Infections are very serious so at any sign of fever he will have to go for IV antibiotics stat. Any spreading infection - redness moving across skin many inches - emergency room stat. But for a single point infection it's hard to say. I would honor his wishes not to go to the hospital but take his temp every 6 hours. If it's about 101 then he should go. But only for IV antibiotics and nothing else. He has the right to refuse glucose iv and you can make that clear to the doctors. Hospitals have ethics boards that you can press it to if need be. As long as he can drink juice he doesn't need glucose.

As far as losing weight I think you are on the right track. Here are my suggestions:

1) Juice Juice Juice. Almost everything should be juice. Make MORE CITRUS juices mixed with kale/spinach/cucumber/greens/dandelion/parsley etc type juices. The sugary fructose juices will be easy to drink. Supplement just watermelon and orange juice (fresh) to add calories. This is fructose and safer than grains/glucose. No starches/grains/potato but don't be so afraid of live fresh juice which has sugars if someone is wasting then even more so it can be helpful. Be sure to be adding APPLES because when you juice the whole apples you get some of the B17 out of the seeds. Here is a formula for a juice which tastes good:
1 head organic spinach (must be organic)
1 cucumber
1 red pepper
1 lemon(skin trimmed but you should leave some skin.)
1 tomato
6-12 carrots
1/2 bunch organic celery (must be organic)

2) B17. This can be ordered. If you cant find a pharma source they crack apricots and peach seeds. Make nut butter from IMPORTED almonds (all american almonds are boiled even if labeled raw) this also has b17. I apologize that imported almonds are so expensive. Walnuts have big cancer fighting properties.

3) Other food. I would stick with soups. No potatoes. Meat is ok if he is fasting. Add green leafy vegetables to the soups as well. Half blend soups (I use immersion blender) to make them digest like juice.

4) Ozone. Do some research on water ozonation. There are a few stories of help. search youtube. Ozonate a 4 inches water for 2 minutes (easy to drink) or 5 minutes (hard to drink but strong).

My thoughts on the cannibus - its still very early. We know for sure the mechanism of B17 and how it targets cancer directly when its cyanide molcecule cleaves off. But we have limited understanding of Hemp oil. Not being able to use Hemp may be simply an issue with how sick they are.

Topical Antibiotics - Lemongrass Oil, Teatree oil. These should help.

Do not expect a cure at the point someone is very sick. Try to get to stability and return to appetitie. From there things can gradually improve.