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No no

I didn't mean Ron Paul's forehead. I meant yours. Sorry for being obtuse, I thought my meaning was evident enough.

You obviously failed to recognize the fact that Rand has ALREADY submitted a bill to end all foreign aid, but it's being held up by Reid. You fail to take notice of the fact that Rand is working with what he has. You'd prefer a solitary ideological stand that makes a point.

That's fine. Ron did it for 30 years and we found him and created this movement. However, what Rand is doing is achieving actual results with no loss of principle either. You're like the small child who gets a smaller toy for Christmas than he wanted and throws a fit about it, forgetting that you could have had no toys at all.

All I'm asking is that you quit being a whining armchair quarterback with no appreciation for the work that Rand is doing for us.

Quit crying about his endorsement of Romney that means absolutely nothing. Dry those eyes. Actions like these are the ones that actually matter and get things done.

Eric Hoffer