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What I learned.

Everything that is not a digestible food is a liver toxin.

Chemo is a liver toxin that clogs the liver. Then when the cancer dies and must be consumed by the liver, but the liver is full.

Cancer happens when the liver is clogged and no longer able to clean the body.

Part of Aspartame turns into formaldehyde in the cleanup process of the liver. The body has no way to naturally eliminate formaldehyde except by sweating. But that further reduces the bodies mineral stores, that is what sweat is.

Methanol also is turned into formaldehyde. The body can eliminate methanol, its the formaldehyde that can kill.

Cancer is the signal that the liver is malfunctioning. Tea tree oil etc must be handled by a compromised liver. Gerson says no aromatics with cancer, because the liver is already busy.

Betadine or a Solution of distilled water with a foot of bare copper wire is antimicrobial. Both Iodine and copper are essential minerals.

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