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Comment: Please HEAR THIS.....

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Please HEAR THIS.....

All's I can say is, if this were me, and I had to do ONE THING, I'd be doing it's what Paul_S. has been saying.

Get Wallach's Tangy Tangerine, Mighty 90 and stay alkalized. Not just this alone of course, but I feel this is key.

Wallach is a vet and autopsied near 8,000 animals. Cause of death was nearly always "lack of vitamins & minerals" and claims many of our DV's are far too low AND we are not getting some of the ones we need hardly AT ALL.

Vitamins and minerals ARE THE TOOLS THAT THE BODY NEEDS TO HEAL and we are normally insufficent!

All's I can say is that I've been sick for a while also. I've tried it and could actually feel the difference.....

Try it you'll like it!

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