Comment: I am bringing this one back.

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I am bringing this one back.

Mainly because of the post/video I just saw on Romney saying that middle-class is somewhere around 200-250 thousand a year. Wow! And, because of his foreign policy views.

One thing that I've heard many people say even in the differences between Obama & Romney, is that Obama may still at least be a bit more calm, cool, and collected when it comes to the decision making on the big red buttons.

Romney seems like his Interventionist Foreign Policy would ONLY consist of Bullying. Romney does not handle criticism very well at all, and for someone that already is an interventionist, that is scary to think of how he would "Handle" this situation.

Romney's foreign policy is probably so unwise, that it would not surprise me to see him make Herman Cain - (Mr. Uzbekibekistan) his Sec. of State. --