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I have read

about the Gerson Therapy for cancer. They have clinics in San Diego and mexico,Tijuana I think. They get a patient started at the clinic to teach the patient how to do it, for maybe 3 weeks or so??, with yes, organic coffee enemas to cleanse the liver, and then juicing. I mentioned it once to a relative who said she had a friend who was terminal(3-6 wks) and who went through a couple of years of treatment at a clinic, then decided to have radiation and chemotherpy. She is doing well.

As I read it, the big thing about juicing is separating the pulp of the fruits and vegetables from the juice, as as much as 8 lbs are juiced at once because with pulp there is too much fiber and bulk.

I am no doctor so I would advise you to talk to a specialist at one of the clinics. There are other clinics now who use similar methods-research it.

Also, I listened to G. Edward Griffin who has been an outspoken critic of traditional chemo/radiation therapy, say that vitamin B17, laetrile, is a cancer treatment.Google....G. Edward Griffin - A World Without Cancer - The Story Of Vitamin B17. Sounds like we all should be making sure we get enough Vit B17-laetrile/nutrilicides to help avoid cancer.

Also, massive doses of vitamin c(I believe I read 6000 IU intravenously) can cure virus/bacterial infections when nothing else does.

An Intragrative doctor might be able to advise. I repeat, check it all out for yourself and come to your own conclusions.