Comment: Incompetent or Sinister

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Incompetent or Sinister

Tom is right when he said Jesse Benton and John Tate were either incompetent or sinister, I vote sinister.
Something that had me scratching my head during this entire campaign is how Dr. Paul said he would only accept what the medium income is for the average American if elected president, which I think is something like $46,000.
How can he justify paying people like Jesse over half a million dollars a year, that's over $500,000....this truly baffles me.
Many people making less than the median income donated, some tapped into their credit cards to donate to the campaign's money bombs.
This just baffles me completely...I do now believe the Liberty cause needs to really look at Tom Woods, as he seems to be a true patriot, someone we could be proud to have in the white house.
Tom, I hope you will run 2016...You have my vote.
A historian and economist in the white house would be a good thing.