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Tom Woods,

in my opinion, definitely exceeds his capacity. I do not know if that the result of his not making enough money on books and lectures or his personal grudge that he was not allowed to join RP campaign. His employment at the PAC was started with enthusiastic promises unveiling a new pro-RP ad. The ads were greeted with joy by already converted, but did not convert anybody else.

Ludwig von Mises warned us long ago how low-level workers always think that their bosses do not do their best and they themselves could do the boss's job better. Stick to what you do best, Mr. Woods. Running a political campaign is a managerial job of organizing. It is up to the candidate to sell the ideas. RP was able to sell to some, others listened and turned away. With so many televised GOP debates in 2011/12, most of GOP primaries voters were FAMILIAR with RP message and his main points. Most have rejected the message: some liked their farm subsidies and trade union perks, others were turned off by those who ranted about Illuminati, Zionists and fluoride.