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Comment: Rand haters make no sense to me

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Rand haters make no sense to me

I just simply don't get it.

Name one person that is in a position of power like Rand that is fighting for the things that the Liberty movement supports. Please reply to this comment with another name, please because I want to know who.

Name one person that is going to go up against Rubio, Bush, Ryan or Christie that has a prayer other than Rand (and the good Dr. of course) in 2016?

Do you really think that Rand and Ron didn't discuss his endorsement of Romney? Do you really think that Rand basically said, fuck you dad I'm going to endorse him anyway and don't care what you think? If so, in my opinion you are naive and have a very short view.

Who now has the media and politicians discussing foreign aid and ending it to three countries?

Who is talking about auditing the Pentagon, legalizing Hemp, letting you pick out your own frikin' light bulb type or any of the other issues that he is championing.

I used to be so energized by the contributions of everyone here on the DP but feel like it is degenerating into a mini Washington, DC where the only thing being done is bickering and arguing.

Rand is the best shot we got and although not 100% like his father (reality check, there will never be another Ron Paul), he did not fall far from the tree of Liberty.

I could almost guarantee you that Ron and Carol are very proud of their son, his character and the causes he's fighting for. And by all means, if any of you have done more than Rand please speak up so we can thank you for your efforts. If you haven't, I would caution against trying to cut down one of the very few people in Washington fighting for Liberty.

I will fight as hard for Rand as I have and will continue to fight for Dr. Paul and will not apologize for it.