Comment: Legislating morality leads to less of it

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Legislating morality leads to less of it

It has nothing to do with the time period. It has everything to do with capability. If you are not capable of acting or behaving in particular manner, then you cannot be said to have a Right to it, including living.

People, injured or not, do not have a Right to care, it is a privilege to be cared for. Privileges unlike Rights can be purchased.

The subject is not an easy one, but if one looks for a practical solution the only solution that will last is to promote Independence. Independent people have far fewer reasons to abort pregnancies.

The second supposition you made is an interesting one. I have an understanding that people who do not behave morally from their own free will, lose the ability to do so easily. When government legislates morality, the people begin to behave in a moral manner for fear as much as for the reward it brings. Once that happens it does not take long before a great many only do so in fear. Reward from altruism should not include lack of punishment. It cheapens it.

Put into the context of your example, when Altruism is legislated, it too is diminished. Independence allows for a truly altruistic people. People who don't think twice about helping their fellow man, just as they wouldn't think twice about whether to receive it.

Legislating morality leads to less of it. Independence leads to morality.