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I'm with you

No one paid attention to Ron Paul for decades. No one cared what he did, he was a joke, shunned, ignored, laughed at.. but he didn't leave.. he didn't leave when Reagan went up aginst everything he said about the war on drugs, he didn't leave when Bush St promised a NWO, he didn't leave when Bush began nation building. And this is where Rand is like his father, he's not going to leave.

Unlike his father, he has always been compared to his dad. How would anyone here stack up to Ron Paul?

Everyone has scrutainized Rand from the day he was born. Every word he has said, every vote he has made, he has not been ignored, made a joke or laughed at by the GOP or MSM, but by those who claim they LOVE Ron Paul, but will be damned to even try to follow him.

I have great appreciation for Rand Paul.

I thought the interveiw sucked. I volunteered for Nader for three elections, and while I have not agreed with him on issues, I did believe his work for ballot access and open debates was important.. it's just that anymore, I feel swindled by Nader.. we never achieved open debates of abllot access, but with all the law suits, it seems all we did was help the PTB close the loop holes so NO third party or Indy will have the opportunity to become president.