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Nader is not a socialist

He has never belonged to any political party, and he is very jealous of Ron Paul, and he is taking it out on Rand, though, I don't think this is a good interview.

Ron Paul rEVOLution was cake walk by comparison to what we went through (for me) in three elections working for open debates and ballot access on Nader's Indy campaigns.

Nader's book, "Seventeen Tratditions", is very conservative, he wrote for, Christian Science Monitor, for years. He was ripped off by both parties, his ideas being tranfigured into government... the documentary, "Unreasonable Man", does a fine job explaining Nader's bravery, trials and pains against the government. I know no one who has sued the government more than Nader.

Besides a great picture of Nader with his arm around me, is a full size US Constitution he gave me as an personal gift of appreciation. He told me when he gave it to me, "The only thing more important that the US Constitution is the Bill of Rights because the Bill of Rights is what protects us from the Constitution."

He has every reason to be jealous of Ron Paul as he deserved a rEVOLution and not the notorious billing he recieved from MSM and the people. He will always be a hero to me.

That said, I don't agree with him about Rand. To grow up being compared to Ron Paul is something I don't believe one person here on DP could do, yet Rand is, and he's doing it under the most unconstitutional and hostile government in US hisotry. My hat is off to Rand, and I'm proud to stand with him.