Comment: Asked this in another thread with no answer

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Asked this in another thread with no answer

Who else is fighting for our Liberty in a position of power as high as the Senate?

Who is for auditing the Pentagon, legalizing industrial Hemp, ending foreign aid to 3 countries among many other issues that the "Liberty Movement" is supposed to be all about?

Because of a meaningless endorsement of someone he knows can't win in November Rand's been called a traitor among many other ridiculous names. GET OVER IT! You are cutting off your nose to spite your face. It's ridiculous.

Next election, you will still only have a choice between the two parties. There will not be a third party run that has a chance, Ron Paul knows this and has even said it. But then again, I guess you all know better than Dr. Paul too.

So when you can pick between Hillary or Jeb, Marco, Chris, or Rand, who will you choose. Or will you sit in your ivory tower lobbing verbal grenades at Rand that he isn't 100% as idealogically pure as his father. The naivety is becoming laughable.

I think that many here need to realize that there is an effort to co-opt you to the left. Wake up people, you're smarter than that. The battle for 2016 has already begun, don't be fooled.