Comment: This was my letter to my County Chair

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This was my letter to my County Chair

when asked to participate in the little watch party of Mitt-for-brain's acceptance speech:

Mr. [County Chair],

Regrettably I am unable to attend as my work schedule does not permit. Personally, I wouldn't attend if I could due to the way the Republican Party has treated Ron Paul and his delegates. Changing the rules is one thing, but to do so before and during the convention to keep his duly elected delegates from getting seated or merely sweeping them aside as what happened with Maine's delegates is outrageous. The Constitution begins with "We the People" not "We the Party."

Scratch outrageous. I was in the Marine Corps for 9 years so I've earned my freedom of speech; It's flat out bullshit and I am ashamed of what my party has become - an organized mob of thugs no different from the Democrats. We see and hear all the time about how Democrats commit voter fraud and intimidation and to see my party stoop to such levels is deplorable. We're supposed to be of a higher standard than that. We are better than that, Sir.

In 1992, President Bush called Bill Clinton a waffler and even ate at a Waffle House to add symbolism to that zinger, and now we have Mitt Romney who changes positions like an oscillating fan. I can't get behind a candidate like that. I'll give Paul Ryan some kudos for being a fellow cheese head, (We are both from Wisconsin, where the Republican Party was born as well) but he voted for the bailouts so I can't support him either.

I am proud to be a Old School Republican and have included a link to a speech by Ulysses S. Grant called "Reasons for being a Republican" to read at your leisure:

I will be happy to attend meetings without a fuss and openly discuss concerns about anything party related. I believe in peaceful debate and discussions, but my focus as an elected PC will be to educate the voters on more liberty leaning candidates who will bring the concepts of limited government, fiscal conservatism and Constitutional authority back to the Republican Party and help bring the Party back to a higher standard we can all be proud of.

Thank you for reading, Sir.