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watching at the 10-minute mark

Jesse made his case and Piers fell into the trap. If you start watching at the 10-minute mark, when Jesse points out the fact that we have multiple military bases in so many countries....and Piers' "logic" is that way so that we can prevent more potential wars. He simply confirmed the "United States being the policemen of the world" argument.
All the billions that get poured into these bases play a large role in keeping this country BROKE......not to mention the fact that some of our armed-forces are ill-equipped and poorly-housed because the bulk of the money went into the pockets of businessmen with deeeeeep pockets who have NOTHING to do with defending this country! So, while we as Americans put our fist in the air for our troups and go "Yeahhhhh" like we would for our football teams, we turn a blind eye when it comes to making sure that our military money is properly spent. F8CKING saaad!!! But good on Jesse for setting the trap.

Robby Lane