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Fellow Patriots

I returned from Florida late last night and would like to share with you what happened in Tampa during the Republican National Convention.

Although I was not an actual bound delegate to the rnc, myself and a few others from N.E Ohio traveled down to attend the Paul fest, Liberty rally and afterparty at Whiskey Joes on Tampa Bay where a flash birthday party took place for Ron Paul,who was in attendance.

During the liberty Rally I was invited into the Ron Paul delegate section as a guest on behalf of a bound Nevada delegate. While there I took full atvantage of meeting and speaking with as many bound Paul delegates as possible,many of whom are in the following videos obtained through The Daily Paul I wish to share with you.

Instead of writing my own personal report of everything that happened,which would take up more time than I can spare right now,I put together a montage of videos containing reports and interviews from those who were in the thick of it, the Ron Paul delegates bound to the actual convention and news feeds from the convention floor.
What you may find interesting is that the Paul Delegates were not the only bunch upset with the procedings of the convention as you will see in some of these videos.

I guess the best way to sum up last weeks events is this, in reality Mitt Romney was going to be the GOP nominee regardless. Ron Paul never amassed enough delegates to be a real threat on the convention floor however, the GOP establishment has taken every measure,including breaking thier own rules,to consolidate the delegate process at the state level and make it more difficult,if not impossible for Tea Party grassroots activists to take part in the delegate process in future elections.

Currently, I am volunteering as much spare time and energy as possible sign planting and networking for many local and state Republican party candidates. As you can imagine it does take a lot of time and effort to do so. Unfortunately, I will not be able to find the time to help any GOP candidates running for Federal office this election cycle.

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Rich Trask
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