Comment: Summer of Love?

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Summer of Love?

Jesse, says there's no voter fraud? Even says there as much voter fraud as there is people getting hit by lightning. I think he's mistaken here. I'm totally in favor of paper ballots and out with the strict no paper no log voting machines. This would help in getting rid of fraud.

I think we suffer greatly because of first perceptions. WE have to realize people are influenced by appearance and so why not make one a bit more presentable. Jesse comes to this interview and is the worst dressed person in the room. I know, I know, words are most important but peoples minds get distracted easily. So, why not take a bit of effort and be more presentable, respectable and credible in appearance to get the foot in the mind's door.

Jimi Hendrix is a turn off when we're talking government and so why present a world view without even opening ones mouth? Presenting a solution of what the world needs now is love sweet love and promoting the "Summer of Love" puts Jesse in the 60's love crowd of anti-authority and anti-law. Many of the problems we have now are because the people of the 60s are in high influential and power positions.

The world does need a bit of love, but define it then. I can agree but not in the love of the 60s, what a loser and a confuser.

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