Comment: What is actually confrontation.

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What is actually confrontation.

Recruited for two years and got no slots filled. The chair will not be replaced via vote. No RP supporters in my local will work the party in their town, our county, or at the state level, none.

I ended up as a lone wolf. I have been able to move forward, as far as, getting some Liberty conversation in the party by constantly holding events, making announcements at the meetings, and inquiries. is a great strategy we have implemented. And I had to be politely aggressive to be able to make moves by using the party contact responses as my leverage to get into a state convention.

I can put the effort in for state committeeman, which means I have to petition over 500 signatures. This is the way to go. There would be a better chance to have an impact. This is doable, but if I am going to work my butt off for that many signatures I would consider running for office then.