Comment: Steve, +1, all good and valid points and thanks for replying

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Steve, +1, all good and valid points and thanks for replying

I see your point that it would have been MUCH better if Rand had endorsed his father instead of Romney. It would have solidified the backing of many of us on the DP and I think it would have sent a message not only to the establishment but also to Blue Democrats, Libertarians, Ron Paul Republicans and Independents that he could be trusted and he was someone we could believe in. Not a run of the mill party insider type that many feel he is now.

You make a great point that he has done the right thing when it's been hardest and didn't do the right thing on what would have been easy, endorsing the good Doctor, his father. But I think this is where the answer lies.

I think (and no I don't know this for a fact) Rand is playing the politicial game and counts on us to read between the lines. I think that at the end of the day he may have miscalculated the backlash he would have received. Don't forget that he did endorse his father and actively campaigned with him. But, I think it became unfortunately clear that Romney had it sewn up before the convention and the Republican apparatus would not have allowed Dr. Paul the nomination no matter what (look at what they did). I think Rand basically thought that by endorsing Romney when he knew the chance for a Ron Paul nomination were over and that Romney can't win anyway that he could make inroads into the party and further the message of Liberty by being a bit more 'mainstream'. By continuing to almost always vote Liberty values in the Senate, he could prove to use that he stands with us and holds our same values. I am not giving him a free pass and think we should closely watch his votes. The proof of his values will be there.

I think Rand knows that we are the most intelligent constituency out there and that we could figure out what he's trying to do. Doesn't it make sense that he would take a stealth approach the exact same way the campaign encouraged the stealth delegate approach?