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The big difference is that

The big difference is that libertarian Republican candidates like Thomas Massie, Kurt Bills, Tim Huelskamp, Mick Mulvaney, Justin Amash, Walter B. Jones and Kerry Bentivolio, as well as liberty-friendly Republican candidates like Ted Cruz, Jimmy Duncan, Raul Labrador, Jeff Flake, David Schweikert and Connie Mack can actually win, as can hundreds of other GOP liberty candidates at the state and local positions.

Gary Johnson can't win. It's unlikely he'll be allowed in the debates as they'll change the rules the moment he gets close. Most people will never hear of him because he's not a Dem or a Repub, and therefore he'll have an MSM blackout. It's really an impossible task to wake so many millions of people up to the message of liberty in less than 9 weeks. Even if he miraculously manages to beat Perot's vote share, the electoral college will work against him.

I support Gary Johnson personally, but I don't think it's right to call people out as anti-liberty for choosing not to support him.

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