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o·pin·ion adj.

1. If you're willing to ACT on an ASSUMPTION as though it's the truth... you're "convinced" enough to make a decision. I didn't put words in your mouth. It's clear logic that supporting evidence has you convinced enough to act the same way as if you had conclusive evidence. Actions speak louder than your words claiming that you weren't completely convinced to act a certain way, when you contradict yourself and act like it anyway.

o·pin·ion /əˈpinyən/
A view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.

2. So you're saying that you're willing to act off of things that may not be true. Your opinion is based on assumption, and running with assumptions as though they were the truth is not only careless, but often destructive.

Critical Thinking > Emotional Thinking > Pseudo-Intellectuals that Saturate DP
Utilitarianism > Consequentialism > Deontology > Egocentrism
Making people feel "troll'd" with the truth > being an intentional troll > acting like one naturally