Comment: Thanks for posting, but

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Thanks for posting, but

I think I now understand less about bitcoin than I did before.

I'm suspicious of VisionVictory because of his distant association with Jonathan Lebed, too, so I think I'm going to wait before sticking my toes in.

I sell lots of small items on my webstore using PayPal, and they go all over the world. PayPal charges me to do the secure translation from one country's currency to another. This is a valuable service to me, because PayPal is taking the risk of owning amounts of various currencies and giving me the currency I prefer. Understand that exchanging currencies is an ultimately losing game, if you accept all currencies, since they will almost all fail. The service PayPal provides by doing all of my currency exchanges is worth the money.

On the other hand, I would hope that PayPal considers using Bitcoin in its system in one way or another, if it's superior to the existing exchange protocols.

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