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Code Blue?

I asked you a question. I told you why I was alarmed and gave you a link to my understanding of how things worked before I began to understand from you. I did not say you have been deceived. I asked. You may want to try on the shoe. Why is it ok for you to hand me repulsive shoes and I cannot give you a shoe to check out?
"This may ring true to you too, there isn't much you can do better than I can in hammering my self-esteem into oblivion, and if you find a way, I may get jealous of your exceptional talent.

When people move to insult me, I'm more often than not, well ahead of that game, so bring it on sister."

Are you saying it is my intention to hammer your self-esteem and to insult you? Why would I do that? Are you planning moves against me? Have not I been a friend, or a help. Now it is subject to triage? Is that a threat? My performance has not been “just right” and now it is on the chopping block?

Have I resorted to injury, deceit and threat to fellow Friend of Liberty who I have considered a Friend in Liberty? Am I now an enemy? Or did I read all of that incorrectly as I so often do?

"This stuff does not leave me, so your help is just that, help, and if it becomes too taxing, compared to the Power Struggle I already have going on, then do you think I won't know how to triage?"

It has not been my intention to be taxing. I am sorry, and I do not have any other words to express those word, just that I feel bad about these words today that have been damaging. If you need to do triage, just please tell me so it can be equitable with no burned bridges or hurt feelings, and I will understand. I especially feel bad about all of this because of all that you have going on and now this. I try to be an encouragement to you and it seems today I have been the opposite. I am really sorry, Joe. Will you forgive me? I have tears, not from laughing.