Comment: We did NOT have the numbers

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We did NOT have the numbers

We had a massive fan club. That is the only place we had the numbers. 10% of the fan club bothered the join the GOP for Ron Paul, under 200K new voter registrations for GOP, and 10% of those bothered to TRY to become delegates, most failed not understanding the process, not being members of C4L, or understanding how government works, but rather basing their knowledge from what they learned watching YouTube and reading blogs like Daily Paul.

The majority waited to see, willing to cast a vote, or chip in $20.12 for a money bomb, but little more.

Too many were under the influence of MSM, loathing the GOP and fearing the Patriot Acts and other government threats to freedom, rather than fight, they tried to avoid, and they still do.

Too many are not willing to get their habds dirty, riock the statis quo, but hope there will be an easier path, the perfect third party, an Indy rising like a pheonix to magically fix all the problems, all they have to do wis watch from the comfort of their chair.

The rEVOLution is not dead, because those few who did become committee memebres, delegates and began running for office in the GOP have not only sustained the fraud, lies, cheating, and threats, from inside the GOP and outside among who once were peers, but hve decides there is a better way, with another Republican willing to go to no man's land in a third party, or a write-in to nothingville.

The rEVOLution is not alive and well in the GOP who was shocked and ashamed what they witnessed happen at the RNC.

The disenfrancisement of maine Delgates by the RNC, "If they can do that to them, they can do it to us, and that's WRONG!"

The changing the rules from 5 state of plurality to 8.

The back out of Ron Paul's name when the votes were counted.

The tribute to Ron paul that was very impressive, and yet, not allowing him to speak. This offened the GOP, who is now looking at the RNC and asking, "What happened?"

So now the Ron Paul RepubliCANs are enjoying the blowback as the Tea Partiers, Constitutionalists, Fiscal Conservatives and Palin Earthquakers see them as strong, and what's more, coming in, not with revenge or greivances and compalints, but a solution: Let's hole ourselves to the constituion.

This is bringing new life into the GOP, they like it, and would love the opportunity to stick the constitution to Romney, because they all know at this point, Romney was forced of the GOP so the GOP would lose to Obama. No one is holding Obama to the constitution as he takes America deeper into the NWO corporate global government.

The problem now is with the fans, those who never joined the GOP, never tried to become delegates, as they are saying they need time to heal, they need a new and improoved candidate.. they told us so about the GOP.. but they didn't.

The rEVLution is alive and well, and will thrive despite Romney, Obama and the fan club.