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I have not been convinced of ANYTHING

See its that Holier than thou attitude you have, in which you believe YOU know what other people are thinking and why, That is very arrogant of you, and its all you seem to do.

So can I not question him if I dont trust him, without being labeled a Romney troll or some other BS like that?

Btw, its called playing devil's advocate, because for quite a while now, to me, and many others here (or no longer here because of it), it sure seemed like Gary Johnson was being PUSHED onto us. The trolling was obvious and unavoidable. So, many have taken the stance of questioning everything Gary Johnson, which to me is Great, because everyone and everything should be questioned and viewed with healthy skeptiscm. Its how this site works.

Deal with it!

"Whether it's precautionary or not, it's still sabotaging potential."

Potential of what? Because the why I see it is, it has the potential to go the way you believe. . but equally, it has the potential for the movement to be split/divided and conquered because half decided to follow the man, and not the issues, Ie they compromise for Gary Johnson?

Can you not see 1 negative thing that could happen by supporting Gary Johnson?