Comment: The near zero interest policy

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The near zero interest policy

makes no sense to me. If the policy is truly designed to help people afford a home mortgage, just how many people can actually qualify for a loan? Same goes for small business loans. The low interest rates paid on savings are particularly irritating, since none of us can get a decent return on savings. The stock market is way too volatile and returns on government securities is a joke. Even people struggling to get by, had incentive to save what they could in the past, when there was a decent return. It used to be that interest earned was the portion of my retirement income that I spent on "extra" purchases throughout the year. That has not been the case for the past 4 years. There is no unnecessary spending going on in my household. Just how many of our fellow citizens are doing the same thing? How is our inability or apprehension to make major purchases helping out the economy?
Raise the interest rates, allow a decent return and let the income flow back into the economy. For the Fed to claim that the low interest rates will help the consumer, is just not true. Only the banks and the government are benefiting from the low rates.