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Instead of offering up another orange thief...

Without being contentious, could you explain why it would not be better to just boycott the election and put a spotlight on the orange thieves and expose them, along with the corrupt, rigged system that enables them.

A very vocal boycott of the election... complete with ads, billboards, etc., showing comparisons of the contenders and how they are alike where it matters, as well as ads exposing election hanky panky and including the vulnerability with electronic voting and secret vote count.

The two would need to go hand in hand, though, (boycott AND exposure)because even if the vote counts and reporting were honest, if the candidates to pick from are still orange thieves, there would be no gain for liberty.

Since there IS so much election hanky panky and the obvious problem with electronic voting and secretive vote counts, even if everyone agreed that Gary Johnson were the lesser of three evils and that voting for him would be what you describe in your first poll choice(promoting the cause of liberty to its full potential),why are you confident at all that your vote, or anyone else's, would even end up being recognized for Gary Johnson?