Comment: It wouldn't work...

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It wouldn't work...

The vast majority that are simplistic thinkers would take it as "The situation sucks!" when many of them already know it.

They would need a solution that caters to their feelings... such as hope of better things. Because these are the type that are too lazy to look up information on candidates in the first place... they're not going to take up the torches and start volunteering. They need an easier solution than that if this campaign were to work.

Ventura is working that with his "2 party gang" book on television... saying that if you want to really take it to the 2 parties responsible for the country's problems... vote Gary Johnson.

You have to take into consideration the mentality of the average "sheep".

I've only voted twice before and that was back when I was a naive life long democrat that only cared about "social issues". Since that campaign (especially starting now after the conventions and such large numbers of people already deadset on voting one way or another) wouldn't work... the best way for advocacy is national television via the debates and letting people see it for themselves without forcing it on them.

If that doesn't happen, then 4 more years of the internet's great idea and information sharing, passing political meme's back and forth all day on facebook, the nation's discontent with both parties growing even larger, especially after possibly finding out too late that they did have a 3rd choice and that it was corrupt rules that kept them from finding out about him... it will probably be the last grain of sand before the hill comes down and we have a peaceful revolution. If a true libertarian doesn't get nominated in 2016 via the GOP, 3rd party is going to have an even greater chance to win.

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