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The GOP is at a critical point and are up against it...and for that reason and that reason alone, they are reaching out to us! PERIOD!!!

Getting back to the Constitution you say!? How's that?

Who does Romney Stand For, Who does Obamam stand for for that matter? Why don't you do some research before you drink the MSM Kool-aid. Ron Paul Supporters ran and won to influence the GOP. But what is the GOP doing now? Even disregarding them, the people that ran, and properly won. Rules have been put into place to prevent that from happening again. In the end it comes down to one the Oligarchy.

The only thing that IS AWESOME, is that this election has awaken millions of people that were once asleep. And millions more will wake up soon. WE ARE A VIRUS OF KNOWLEDGE and will NO LONGER abide by the corrupt two political party system.

If the GOP TRULY Reverts back to REPUBLICans, I will gladly come back to the table. But a Republic supports a federal government constrained by the constitution, and with it the bill of rights. To do so, they must remove every corrupt individual that blatantly violated the democratic process, changed the rules and took one step further towards a two party dictatorship run by the same tired people standing for the same tired things.

For Liberty!

Viva la R3VOLution!!!