Comment: Go straight to the punchline?

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Go straight to the punchline?

How about "The Fed is responsible for 9/11"?

I was thinking on the way home today about buying some ad space on the Jordan's Furniture sign on route 95, just south of the 95/93 interchange in MA. It's a digital sign. My thought was to have it headlined, "9/11 WAS A FALSE FLAG", and have a 3-second video of both WTC 7 and another building being taken down by controlled demolition, with text underneath "No plane hit this building. The government will not explain how this building fell, using physics. We don't know who the actors are, but the government is LYING TO YOU. This should be concerning. Stop drinking tap water if your municipality adds the poison sodium fluoride to your water."

Yeah, it's getting a bit long-winded the more I think about it. It's not something you can fully convey on a billboard, even an animated one.

But man I really want to educate. My nephew is listening -- last time I saw him, he asked me scientific questions about fluoride.

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