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After what Romney did to

After what Romney did to change the RNC rules, it will be nearly impossible to win within the GOP as a liberty movement. Which leaves us three options:
1. Run Rand as a wolf in sheep's GOP clothing. He gets the establishment to think he's one of them, that he IS them. Then he gets in to office and pulls a JFK switch-a-roo on them.
2. Run a third party Johnson-type and hope he gains enough traction.
3. Run Dr. Paul or his disciple as an independent.

Let's be honest, Americans are done with the party system. They have absolutely no faith in it. 40% of registered voters are Independents. Since we can't get a fair shake in the duopoly, and the libertarian party is too scary for the masses to join, I think going the Independent route is our best option for winning the Presidency in 2016.