Comment: It buys quite a bit

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It buys quite a bit

tonym is right on. It's not just the chair, those committee seats REPRESNT THE GOP, ALL the GOP is a county is represented by the committee.. the people there are either elected or appointed by an elected official. So when you go to a meeting, it is registered in the minutes and it is dicussed. IF there are any Ron paul committee members, they will be grateful someone spoke up, because you are backing them with another voice. Once it goes into the minutes, as more and more committees are confronted, they become moved.. it's not a bad Idea to say you want the RNC removed from office and put that into the minutes. Tell them, you were robbed, cheated, lied too.. tell them.. they need to KNOW, if they don't allready, tell them again.

We get all kinds of people coming to us.. people who what taxes, or to end taxes, or some other ballot issue they want us to vote a certaiin way... we have guest speakers who come with visions for the party.. well visulize this: The RNC was a RIP OFF! TELL THEM.

As a committee member I would appreciate it.