Comment: which I've accepted, as examplified by the different link that I

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which I've accepted, as examplified by the different link that I

replied you with, which I looked up on my own to verify, as curiosity prompted me to, after reading an earlier reply below, before I ever saw your post.

again, big whup.

You DO know that I meant the "judging"-commentary sarcastically, right?

I don't care whether you're "judging" or not; that's irrelevant. We're stretching a, point, here. LOL

Neither of us are gonna win a $8500-ish Barrett M107A1 for pointing out what was admittedly posted in 2005, as I clearly replied with "I just found out."

But, seeing as how you really want to be an accuracy hound, I'll bite for the last time: I've never said "it's just 'begun?'" That's solely your characterization, but it's obvious you interpreted it as such.

What I did say was "It's begun!"

"It's begun" signifies merely a commencement of something, without a specific reference to a temporal range, though it can certainly be interpreted to mean within a contemporary temporal range. Then again, how something is interpreted within someone else's mind, no one has a control over.

"It's just begun" signifies a commencement of something with implied relatively accepted timeframe, within the confines of a given discussion at hand.

Nevertheless, "just" is not bound by a specifically measurable time metric; depending on the context and the range of temporal spectrum invoked, "just" can be 5seconds ago, to 5minutes ago, to 50mins. ago, to 5 days ago, to 50yrs ago.

Is that "accurate" enough for you?


I kid, 'cause I love. This will be my last reply on the matter. Thanks.

Predictions in due Time...

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