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Just Curious

Why don't we as a liberty movement start our own news cable show? Let it be a new kind of news show, a news show of the people, by the people, and for the people. Find some liberty minded people who are good business men/women, and get a plan worked out for a news corporation, have a money bomb to raise funds for it, and then have a video contest for people in the liberty movement who want to be news reporters. Then everyone on the dailypaul can vote on who they liked best of all the videos, and then we can choose the top 10 to be the reporters. If we can get on our own cable network and then rent billboards to promote the hell out of it, I believe it could be bigger than all the other cable networks put together. I suppose we would need lawyers as well for all the challenges that will come out of it. :) We could also have a contest for a name for the news network and a design or logo.