Comment: The proof is in the pudding...

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The proof is in the pudding...

Look how the video is being used - to attack one of our own... to attack a man that worked closely to Dr. Paul. So - seeing how these guys operate - why should Jack give them the time of day? The only reason they released the video is as an attack on Jack Hunter - one of our own. Why? Because he believes the conspiracy theories hurt the Liberty Movement.

Seriously - look at how many of you are reacting. You'd think Jack just came out of a secret Bilderberg meeting. Jack should be free to not answer questions. Yes - 'We Are Change' is free to publish their video - but this is an attack, plain and simple... it serves absolutely no other purpose.

And not only do they attack Jack Hunter - but John Tate. And you guys are buying it! Sorry - I won't stand for these attacks.

When I first talk to someone about Ron Paul, the first thing I have to clear up with them is "Ron Paul? Doesn't he think 9/11 was an inside job?" Geez... Thanks guys. Yes - thanks to you, 9/11 conspiracy theories are tied to Ron Paul's neck. Here is some truth: You Hurt the Movement!

Oh, and for the Truthers that think Ron Paul believes your 9/11 theory... he doesn't. If he did, he shouldn't have voted to give authority to go into Afghanistan. He wouldn't cite 9/11 as an example of blowback.